About Us

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to international development. Formed in 2000, EWB is Canada’s fastest growing development organization. In the past four years EWB has sent over 70 young Canadian engineers to work on 35 projects in 20 countries. Closer to home, over 6000 members across the country strive to make Canada the most development-friendly and sustainable country in the world.

Focused towards the promotion of human development through the application of engineering knowledge and technology, the EWB Chapter Initiative at UOIT has the full support of UOIT’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Our organization will work towards representing UOIT’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and UOIT in the fight against global poverty. Furthermore,  we will help enforce and raise awareness in energizing the engineering profession to promote human development, focusing on helping to build technical capacity overseas, and encouraging pro-development social change in Canada.

Our goal is to ensure that people in developing communities have access to the technology they need to improve their lives. This is made possible by passionate EWB members who contribute knowledge, financial resources, volunteer time, skills, and a collective voice to help communities around the world.