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Halloween, EWB Style

With Halloween fast approaching, the EWB UOIT execs have been making plans to go around the neighbourhood for a little trick-or-treating, how ever instead of collecting candy from houses, we will actually be going door to door giving away candy!


The Reverse Trick-or-Treat is a campaign that EWB supports that has volunteers across Canada giving away free Fair Trade chocolate and a little bit of information to go along with it. Have you ever given much thought to the chocolate you buy? The average person doesn’t know much about Fair Trade and are surpised to learn that the farmers who grow the cocoa and sugar cane s for our chocolate, often don’t get such a sweet deal.

With that in mind, the UOIT Chapter Initiative will be going door-to-door, residence to residence and all around campus giving away the 888 pieces of Fair Trade chocolate that were graciously donated to us for this campaign. Be on the look out for us on the 29th, 30th and of course, Halloween night.

For more information on Fair Trade and the Reverse Trick-or-Treat, check out